No handling fees. No surcharges. No nonsense.

Our Capabilities

We are a Creator-First Genre-Inclusive premium concert recording room providing unparalleled performance experiences in a listening room environment.

We offer multi-track audio and multi-camera video footage to every act that graces our stage.

We produce high-quality recordings in a controlled environment while capturing the energy that creators thrive on when performing in front of a live audience.

The Starlight Room is more than a session studio or music venue.

We are an Experience.

Our Mission

Premium Experiences
Premium Experiences

Live Concert Recording for creators

Listening Room for music lovers

Togetherness for visual, dramatic, and healing arts

Creator First
Creator First

We illuminate rising stars including established national touring artists, rising regional creators, and local talent. 

We facilitate crowdfunding & fundraising for public schools, homeschoolers, and private instructors. 

We launch aspiring entrepreneurs & creators.

Genre Inclusive
Genre Inclusive

Bluegrass/Country/Nashville Pop
Dramatic Arts / Healing Arts / Visual Arts

Our Credo

Here there is
No canon but Creativity
No hindrance but Harmony
No mantra but Melody

Here there is
No barrier between Us
Only beauty to Unite us
As fellow Sojourners

Here we Create
Beautiful Encounters
For where there is Beauty
There is great power to Heal

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  • Sun: by special arrangement

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